Review of 2 e-safety websites

E-safety is such an important issue that should be of concern to anyone using the web. Two websites I’ve recently visited which tackle this issue and provide some tips of how to use on-line resources safely and securely.  The first is mainly focuses on how children can use the Internet without risks. The website is very well-organized and the language used is clear and almost free of errors.  The website also demonstrates the issue of e-safety in an interesting and amusing way by putting a video that uses animations to highlight the importance of e-safety. Another positive thing about the website is that it has several links to other resources that explore the idea of e-safety in more depth. For example, the links given under the tag “more” allows the visitor to access many websites that deal with the topic of e-safety from different perspectives, like a school project and an on-line quiz. The only drawback I’ve found is that the website focuses almost exclusively on the risks involved in children’s use of the Internet.  It does not give enough information on how e-safety is a broad issue that even adults and experienced users should take into consideration. Hence, unless you’re a school pupil or a parent, you’ll hardly find the website useful. The second website is: about e-safety is: The good thing about this website is that, unlike the earlier one, it gives really useful tips on using the Internet which adult visitors can use and apply. For example, there is a video on how to protect your email from possible hacking and how to create strong passwords. The design of the website is also attractive with a variety of colours and images that encourage a visitor to explore its different parts. However, despite its demonstration of different aspects of e-safety, the website does not explore these issues in depth. It gives the visitor a quick overview of each item without giving enough elaboration and discussion of each topic. Unlike the earlier website, the information provided lacks details and, hence, may need further development.

One thing that both websites share is their reliance on the use of visuals to demonstrate information. This feature is quite obvious in the second website where the use of words and texts is really minimal when compared to the use of visuals. The first website, however, provides a more balanced approach as it combines written with visual material. Both websites, I think, respond to the needs of learners who prefer visual learning styles. They include videos, animations and pictures which appeal to people, like myself, who learn better by watching something rather than reading about it. The picture below, for example, gives a glimpse of one important aspect of e-safety which, I think, no text can better present in such a clear and humorous way. The picture is available at:



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2 Responses to Review of 2 e-safety websites

  1. balimaha says:

    Thanks for this post, Rania

  2. really this post is very useful and organised. it add me new information and the webs are very useful.

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