MOOCS and The Same Old Question: Can On-line Learning Replace the “Real” Classroom?

The idea of MOOCs or a massive open online course is really new to me. Yet, I find it extremely interesting and eye-opening. The fact that anyone can access a course at anytime from anywhere is definitely worth thinking of and investigating. I even joined a course in writing on Coursera at to have firsthand experience of the concept of online learning. The idea has many advantages and can be appealing to almost any student who finds it difficult to join an educational institution or college.   Graduate students, like myself, those with disabilities, working mothers, people who are home bound for health reasons, and many others can now learn comfortably at their own place. Even younger students whom we call “slow learners” or those who feel nervous in the traditional classrooms, due to peer pressure for example, can benefit from such an idea. But the question that keeps nagging: can online courses replace traditional ones? Does the lack of face-to-face interaction with tutors and students negatively affect the learning process? And above all, do employers take a certificate or a degree obtained on-line as seriously as ones provided by  reputable universities? Again more questions that we, as educators, need to think thoroughly about.

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3 Responses to MOOCS and The Same Old Question: Can On-line Learning Replace the “Real” Classroom?

  1. online learning is very great idea. I agree with you , but everything has negative impact and positive impact.
    I think we can’t leave real classroom. we can use online learning to help and facilitate educational process.
    one of the negative aspects of online leaning is the person who study can change with another or can cheat in online tests.
    really we can’t find completed assessment with online learning

  2. mmk2013emam says:

    Hi rani
    your article is good also I need to tell you about site called ex for courses I take courses on it

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